SecSys Data Intelligence

Converts data into supply chain intelligence

Too often, sea cargo monitoring may not be easy for some and shippers have little to no visibility into the location, condition, and most importantly security of their shipments. This lack of information leads to inefficiencies: higher costs, loss of productivity, unnecessary delays, worry, uncertainty, and dissatisfaction.

Engineered to address these industry concerns, SecureSystem’s Data Intelligence Platform brings unparalleled intelligence and transparency to your supply chain.

Key elements

Technology platform

Hosted in the cloud, highly secured and always available.

Data intelligence

Superior analytics fueled by unique actionable data points


Generates accurate & immutable documentation of all container activity

Easy integration

Easily integrates into existing third-party systems via API

We provide visibility into previously dark spots in your supply chain, resulting in increased cargo integrity. We empower you with persistent and customizable data that equips you with trustworthy insights for expedited decision-making.

SecSys PORTAL_white

Customer portal

Customers access real-time data and insights through SecSys® TrustCenter. It is cloud-based, highly secured and accessible worldwide, anytime. Additionally, it links also via API to existing system (SAP, AWS, Oracle, etc.)

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Each data point is carefully assessed and analyzed.
We value customer confidentiality to the utmost and only use anonymized data to analyze and train our models. Leveraging unique data points, generated right at the cargo and received in real time, we realize unprecedented insights.

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Provides aggregated insights or customer-approved data points. Partners are customs, law enforcement, insurance, finance, or others