U.S. Department of Defense

High Security

This project was a proof of concept conducted with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a sensitive construction project in Asia. Shipments were multi-modal, with each container traveling by rail, ship, and truck. Requirements stated that once a container is sealed at its origin, it must not be opened until it reaches its final destination. SecureSystem monitored container integrity, location, and overall cargo conditions; e.g. temperature and humidity.
SecureSystem provides in-transit visibility of cargo, in real-time and anywhere in the world, increasing security and integrity throughout shipments.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers selected SecureSystem for:

Container Integrity
Uncertainty about whether a container has been opened or breached may lead to quarantining at the final destination – a costly and time-consuming process. In addition to real-time notification of breaches, SecureSystem documents when there has not been a breach, reducing false positives and lost work-time due to unnecessary quarantines.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers benefited from using SecureSystem’s solution, which provided real-time actionable information that enabled fast and insightful decision-making.

Container Breach
During the course of the project, SecureSystem shipping container sensors generated an alert that a monitored container in a rail yard had been breached. An investigation on-site quickly determined that the container had been broken into. SecureSystem provided real-time awareness of the breach, enabling the customer to pinpoint the exact location of the incident, notify appropriate parties, inspect and close the container, and plan accordingly. Insights provided by SecureSystem also resulted in an investigation that revealed another container, not tracked by SecureSystem, had also been breached. The information and awareness of the incident provided by SecureSystem enabled the customer to proactively deal with both affected containers, avoiding costly and time-consuming quarantine delays if breaches had only been discovered on arrival.

SecureSystem also provided real- time visibility into cargo conditions. The container experienced colder temperatures than required, dropping below pre-defined parameters for normal conditions, and twice generating alerts that its temperature dropped below 20º C.


Sensitive Pharmaceutical Transport

This pilot project was conducted with Merck Pharmaceutical, monitoring the shipment of a container from Montevideo to Rio de Janeiro. The contract specified that the container would not be offloaded or reloaded during shipment until arrival in Rio. SecureSystem also monitored temperature due to the sensitivity of the cargo.
SecureSystem provides in-transit-visibility, in real-time and anywhere in the world, increasing security and integrity throughout shipments.

Merck selected SecureSystem for:

Container Location
To determine if the no-reloading stipulation of the contract was complied with.

Container Conditions
Due to the sensitivity of the goods being transported, redundant communication systems meant that the container was in contact throughout shipment.
Merck benefited from SecureSystem’s solution, which identified three major business-impacting incidents in real-time, equipping the customer with actionable information:

Unauthorized Reloading
By tracking position, SecureSystem documented that contrary to contract requirements, the container was reloaded at the interim port of Santos and forwarded with another vessel.

Travel Duration
The journey from Montevideo to Rio de Janeiro was expected to take 21 days but was delayed. The container was stuck in customs in Rio for about 20 days, adding significantly to its travel interval.

Once released from customs, the container was trucked to the receiver’s warehouse where it was unloaded in an incorrect location, without electrical connectivity. The container temperature increased and remained elevated, setting off SecureSystem alarms, and generating real-time alerts to the customer.

Overall, the transparency SecureSystem directly provided to the customer in real-time enabled a thorough investigation and resulted in immediate negotiations between the shipper and their logistics partners to improve each step of the supply chain process.

Amazon River

Remote Conditions ITV

This pilot project was conducted with AOC Electronics at the request of Brasil Risk, a third-party risk mitigation company. The project monitored a container of electronics (television monitors) during its journey along the Amazon River, an area with limited cell coverage that is also rife with crime. The project also surveyed humidity levels within the container, a challenge common in the region. High humidity can damage electronics and was of special interest to the insurer.
SecureSystem provides in-transit visibility of cargo, in real-time and anywhere in the world, increasing security and integrity throughout shipments.

AOC selected SecureSystem for:

Container Intelligence
To monitor the integrity of the container via satellite communications as it moved through an area known for its limited cell coverage. Satellite communications are also more effective to combat crime: criminals commonly use jamming devices to defeat other security devices that use only cellular networks.

Container Conditions
To monitor humidity within the container, of special interest to the insurer as humidity can adversely affect electronics.
AOC benefited from using SecureSystem’s solution, which provided complete in-transit container visibility:

Seamless Coverage and Communications
SecureSystem’s redundant communication abilities, including Iridium satellite coverage, provided seamless awareness of the container’s location and condition throughout the journey, even in areas without GSM connectivity.

Humidity Levels
Sensors within the container revealed high levels of humidity inside the container. At one point, the humidity levels reached 80%, valuable information for the customer, now proactively able to determine the appropriate course of action to take.

Overall, the transparency provided by SecureSystem enabled increased visibility into conditions during what would typically be areas of vulnerability during a shipment. Through data provided by our container technology company, the shipper and risk-mitigator were able to monitor the shipment in real-time throughout the shipment.