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Customers access real-time data and insights through SecSys portal

Where is your cargo?

confirm status in real-time and independently

There are several reasons why it is important to know where your cargo is. This not just applies to  the ocean or road portion of a journey but end-to-end. Despite several other available – more or less reliable – sources  of information such as AIS there are often deviations between expected and real location. Enriched by geofencing this is a powerful datapoint.

Is your cargo secure?

MONitor cargo access and certify cargo integrity

Security of cargo means to know whether someone unexpectedly gained access to your goods. This could be achieved by a set of sensors that detects almost any kind of intrusion that could only be disabled by authorized individuals that will be recorded in our immutable ledger afterwards. 

Thus you have full insights in transfer of ownership and the entire chain of custody. Each of those events will be displayed together with our standard heartbeat messages to provide an intuitive overview of the entire transport.

What are your cargo's conditions?

react fast and manage issues proactively

In other cases it is of paramount importance that certain conditions will not spike outside a predefined threshold. Although an immediate message is being sent in these cases it is also of interest to access the related datapoint retrospectively to set in relation with other environmental data to e.g. detect patterns. 

In order to optimize your operations you can access the datapoints of all activated sensors and for instance export it for later processing.