Case Study: Temperature Profile Deviation

SECURESYSTEM monitors perishable goods from USA to Japan


  • Customer planned temperature-controlled packaging for rail-based transport to U.S. west coast followed by trans-pacific shipment towards Japan

  • Customer was notified by shipper about vessel change, but not about switch to eastern route through the Suez Canal – showing different typical temperature profile

Issues detected

Temperature profile not as expected

Route changed from eastwards to westwars

(Unplanned & not communicated)

Long Delay & Unclear Loading status

SecSys Impact_white

Quality Control and Supplier management

  • Alerted customer that the vessel was sailing different route than expected

  • Temperature profile shows contact high temperature after entering Middle East

  • Cargo owner informed recipient early – Recipient was able to run extended quality inspection

  • Cargo owner can negotiate route change clause in framework agreement with forwarder