DESMA goes smarter using SecureSystem

The current supply chain chaos coupled with the move towards digitalization in logistics and supply chain management, means that to stay competitive, more and more companies are turning to smarter solutions to gain more transparency in real-time while cargo is in transit. 

DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH, based in Achim (Germany), regularly ships containers loaded with shoe making machine components worldwide.  A modern and innovative company, which has integrated connected technology into production and technical support operations, DESMA has decided to use SecureSystem to expand 24/7 awareness and remote monitoring to supply chain management for selected shipments.  

DESMA will use the SecSys® CARGO solution e.g., on a fleet of five containers shipped from Germany to Indonesia to generate insights into DESMA’s supply chain operations.  In addition to monitoring shipping conditions and location, DESMA will focus on container integrity while in transit, with the goal of identifying and analyzing any unexpected occurrences and providing cargo transparency to all participants, including more broadly to DESMA’s customers. 

SecSys® CARGO, produced by SecureSystem GmbH transforms ordinary shipping containers into smart connected assets, and generates data directly from the container in real-time and worldwide.

About SecureSystem
More than 20 million shipping containers transport $4 trillion of goods across the world every year. The SecureSystem – “In-transit visibility solution enables advanced supply chain data collection and security monitoring for containers carrying high value or sensitive goods. 

The system also provides real-time world-wide awareness of a container’s location, internal conditions, and physical integrity. The industrial-grade IoT technology, developed and tested by Airbus® Defense and Space, uses environmental sensors, physical security sensors, satellite, and cellular communication as well as GPS positioning to transform containers into smart, interactive units, allowing comprehensive data analytics. The device’s mobile design allows for installing or removing the hardware on any standard container in a matter of seconds. The generated insights are delivered through a cloud-based data intelligence platform.

Press Contact: Heinz Klein,, +49 174 20 30 489

DESMA supplies efficient and economical production systems of highest quality, reliably and fast, to footwear manufacturers worldwide. The company develops highly automated production systems and robotic solutions that are sold to shoe manufacturers worldwide and is the world’s leading supplier of machines and molds to the shoe industry, both for direct soling and the sole manufacturing process.