SecureSystem Showcases In-Transit-Visibility Solution at National Defense Transportation Association Fall Meeting

October 18-21, SecureSystem attended the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) Fall Meeting in National Harbor, Maryland as both a Gold Sponsor and an Exhibitor.

NDTA creates a trusted environment where government, military, and private sector organizations tackle pressing challenges with a focus on logistics and transportation. This year’s meeting was an unparalleled opportunity to showcase SecureSystem and SecSys® CARGO, which turns shipping containers into smart, connected assets.  NDTA attendees included key leadership from U.S. Transcom, the Surface Deployment & Distribution Command, and others in the government, military, and private sector who focus on securing key supply chains and safeguarding the integrity of critical shipments.

About SecureSystem

An estimated 20 million shipping containers transport $4 trillion of goods across the world every year. The SecureSystem In-Transit-Visibility solution enables advanced data collection and security monitoring for containers carrying high value or sensitive goods. The system also provides real-time world-wide awareness of a container’s location, internal conditions, and physical integrity. The industrial-grade technology, developed and tested by Airbus® Defense and Space, uses environmental sensors, physical security sensors, satellite, and cellular communication as well as GPS positioning and a patented cloud-based Trust Center to transform containers into smart, interactive units, allowing comprehensive data analytics. Its mobile design allows for installing or removing the hardware on any standard container in a matter of seconds.

About NDTA

Since World War II, the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) has served our country’s national defense and homeland security as a trusted environment where government, military, and private sector professionals can solve pressing challenges in the fields of logistics, transportation, and passenger travel services.

The Fall Meeting is a four-day, NDTA-USTRANSCOM co-sponsored, annual event providing government and industry with the opportunity to gather to identify and solve logistics and transportation issues, learn about new technologies, develop best practices and build professional and personal relationships. This year’s theme was “Resilient & Reliable Logistics… Agile and Adaptable,” with a focus on the challenges associated with operating in contested and pandemic environments spanning all domains and geographic locations. It focuses on the technologies, business processes, and innovations needed to dominate and win in all environments.