SecureSystem Partner, Cambridge Global Advisors, Certified as Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

SecureSystem U.S., Inc.’s, Partner, Virginia-based national security consultants Cambridge Global Advisors (CGA), has been certified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and has been added to the Veteran business database at by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The SDVOSB designation is reserved for business owners who have served in the military and have a service-related disability. The Department of Veterans Affairs requires veteran-owned small businesses to complete a rigorous vetting process in order to earn the certification. This scrutiny ensures only quality service-disabled veterans can qualify for certain federal government projects and non-competitive contracting opportunities.

SecureSystem, which offers a solution to increase security and transparency in the supply chain by turning standard shipping containers into “smart” containers, draws on CGA’s experience and expertise to work more closely with U.S. Government Agencies in securing and transporting valuable and shipments. “CGA’s status as a SDVOSB provides for increased contract and subcontract opportunities in accordance with the Veterans Benefits Act including sole-source and set-aside eligibility for certain government acquisitions,” said SecureSystem U.S. CEO Tom Ziemba, “and we are thrilled to support a strong veterans movement in government procurement.”

About SecureSystem:

An estimated 20 million shipping containers transport $4 trillion of goods across the world every year, including mission-critical and valuable government cargo. SecureSystem offers a solution that enables advanced data collection and security monitoring for containers carrying high value or sensitive goods. The solution provides real-time monitoring anywhere on the globe of a container’s location, internal conditions and physical integrity. The industrial-grade technology, developed and tested by Airbus® Defense and Space, uses environmental sensors, physical security sensors, satellite and cellular communication as well as GPS positioning; and a patented cloud-based “Trust Center” security portal to transform containers into smart, interactive units, allowing comprehensive data analytics. Its mobile design allows for placing and removing the hardware on any standard container in a matter of seconds.