Real-Time Supply Chain Intelligence

Get a handle on your cargo with our unique data intelligence and IoT solution


for high-value, sensitive, and mission critical cargo – using a patented and proprietary IoT technology and data intelligence platform – made in Germany and with Airbus® heritage.

We give decision makers an independent advantage – through a cloud-based data intelligence platform.

We make ordinary shipping containers smart leveraging a platform for ocean containers, reefers, trucks and others – relying on sensor fusion and real-time data through IRIDIUM and cellular connectivity.

We generate insights not available today – based on unique, meaningful data points right from the source.

How you can benefit From real-time supply chain intelligence

Situational Awareness

Know about the security, status, position and conditions of your container shipments in real-time matters to you

Ability to react fast

React on short-notice changes and emergency shipments challenge your supply situation and your bottom-line.

Access control

Allow only authorized people access your valuable and sensitive shipments.

ESG Compliance

Assess your environmental footprint and document other ESG compliance precisely to inform your compensation efforts.

Improved bottom line

Reduce your COGS and working capital for your business

Increase security

Comply with security requirements from customers or government bodies

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How it works
Actionable insights are generated through a combination of data intelligence and smart iot devices

SecSys Data Intelligence

Converts data into supply chain intelligence

SecSys IOT Device Platform

Gathers unique data points and manages smart IoT devices

Watch Industry experts share their views

“If today you are trusting an unmonitored shipping process and that feels risky, SecureSystem can help. The U.S. Government has already discovered SecureSystem, and it has also huge potential for shipping commercial products.”

Lt. General Douglas Lute (Ret.)
Former U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO & Advisor to Presidents Bush and Obama

“Border protection agencies are looking at how to connect the world of cargo. If you can provide a complete history of a container […] the likelihood of being inspected decreases.”

Hon. Thomas S. Winkowski
Former Acting Commissioner U.S. Customs & Border Protection

“Visibility of the supply chain of critical goods is essential. Being informed about potential security breaches is an invaluable advantage for our clients.”

Thomas Graefe President & CEO of Zust Bachmeier Incl. An international project freight forwarder



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