SecureSystem and Sensefinity Partner to Revolutionize Supply Chain Intelligence & Security

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January 8, 2019 – SecureSystem, the industrial-grade smart shipping technology, and Sensefinity, which has developed proprietary “Internet-of-Cargo” solutions for tracking and managing assets, have formed a strategic partnership to integrate the two companies’ solutions and expand product lines under the SecureSystem name.

This marks a major step forward for both companies and will bring a suite of products to the global shipping market never seen before.

The agreement includes exclusivity for SecureSystem to distribute Sensefinity’s sensor products exclusively in the transportation market globally, as well as strong cooperation on technical development and overall business development.

As part of the relationship, SecureSystem will make Sensefinity its exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer for transport-related sensors. Sensefinity will grant SecureSystem an exclusive worldwide license to use, promote, and further develop Sensefinity as an integral part of SecureSystem’s services or as a stand-alone product.

The SecureSystem solution provides unparalleled security and global in-transit-visibility at the shipping container level. Sensefinity’s sensor solutions are deployed inside the shipping container, monitoring specific conditions and providing real-time cargo tracking at the pallet, package and item level. By incorporating Sensefinity’s technology, SecureSystem will be able to offer customers a comprehensive view of the security and status of their shipments, in near-real-time, anywhere around the globe.

“This strategic partnership with Sensefinity immediately broadens and enriches SecureSystem’s offerings” said Tom Ziemba, CEO of SecureSystem. “The combination of SecureSystem and Sensefinity will enable us to provide data streams at a very granular level for the container and everything in it. This data can then be integrated into blockchain and other key applications, providing intelligence, insights and integrity never seen before.”

“Working with SecureSystem creates a range of new possibilities for Sensefinity and it will rapidly accelerate our go-to-market plans in the shipping and logistics space,” said Orlando Remedios, founder and CEO of Sensefinity. “Working together, we’ll be able to expand and enhance the reach of both product offerings and develop new IoT solutions.”


About SecureSystem
An estimated 20 million shipping containers transport $4 trillion of goods across the world every year. The SecureSystem solution enables advanced data collection and security monitoring for containers carrying high value or sensitive goods. The system also provides real-time world-wide awareness of a container’s location, internal conditions and physical integrity. The industrial-grade technology, developed and tested by Airbus® Defense and Space, uses environmental sensors, physical security sensors, satellite and cellular communication as well as GPS positioning and a patented cloud-based “Trust Center” to transform containers into smart, interactive units, allowing comprehensive data analytics. Its mobile design allows for installing or removing the hardware on any standard container in a matter of seconds.

About Sensefinity
The Sensefinity solution is a complete 360 degree IoT tracking solution for businesses, enabling end to end supply chain visibility. Sensefinity offers a suite of Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions, including certain proprietary sensors; web and mobile applications; and secure cloud and blockchain products designed to provide integrated solutions for tracking and managing assets.

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