Material Flow Journal: SecureSystem and BLG Logistics Collaborate on Demonstration Project

The article below was published in the German Logistics magazine, “Material Fluss” in October.  SecureSystem is pleased to be partnering with BLG logistics on this project, which is now underway, and which will monitor a total of 20 shipments from Bremerhaven, Germany to Charleston, South Carolina.  Through these shipments, we will generate key real-time data to share with customs authorities in the U.S. and globally, while adding a layer of security and supporting the decision-making process.

Please note: This article was published prior to the start of our project with BLG, which began in November, and is translated from the original German. We have attempted to provide an accurate summary / translation of the original material, but due to the nuances in translating, slight differences may exist.


Customs processing – digital

Digitization accelerates customs handling.

Global flows of goods and trade relations characterize globalization. However, despite advanced trade relations, imports into the US – similar to imports into the EU – are not a simple undertaking. U.S. customs law is subject to various international agreements that are implemented in complex rules of customs regulations and the regulations of other authorities. Therefore, it’s not only obvious but beneficial that logistics service providers support their customers who export goods to the United States.

In addition to knowledge of the rules, an awareness of special circumstances and recent developments is also necessary. Supply chain security is critical, even more so depending on the geopolitical situation. In the future, even more stringent requirements for external controls abroad as well as for companies’ “internal controls” are to be expected.

Data in real-time

For customers, the focus is on reliable and practical solutions, as the shipment should be as smooth, fast and safe as possible. The logistics service provider BLG LOGISTICS, together with their partner SECURESYSTEM, is focused on customs clearance in a field test. Under the title FastLane, these two IT and logistics experts are testing the use of a monitoring device that can be used to track the trouble-free flow of goods. This is achieved by using digital data in real-time to support the complex customs decision-making processes. The objective is to provide real-time data to customs organizations in order to add a level of security and ultimately support the clearing process.

Sensors to monitor cargo

BLG LOGISTICS has gained extensive experience in product tracking using sensors in recent years. Freight Quality Tracking (FQT) has already been developed in cooperation with customers and by leveraging the insights from various sensor-based innovation and research projects. With this service, cargo quality, location and status data can be visualized and monitored in real-time. With the help of the precise analysis and evaluation of the data, immediate intervention can be made in the event of delays, damage or even loss of goods and transport costs can be kept low.

The new project FastLane goes one step further. Companies share data which can be used for risk assessment with the customs authorities via SECURESYSTEM’s product SecSys® CARGO. BLG LOGISTICS and SECURESYSTEM are already working with their first test partners. The use in practice should demonstrate the reliability of the data the project generates. The test partners will receive all monitoring and condition data that the system transmits to track the goods during transport. In addition to humidity, temperature and position, light, vibrations, and door opening are factors that can have an impact on the quality, punctuality and integrity of the goods. BLG determines whether and to what extent the factors are relevant individually with their respective customer. The sensor system is based on patented Airbus® Defence & Space technology and has been further developed and marketed by SECURESYSTEM.

Fast-lane testing

Project FastLane will initially test 20 containers. During transport, the sensor system transmits real-time data on the location and integrity of the containers, which can be used to better assess the container’s risk profile. If a container is opened unexpectedly during its journey, an alarm is triggered in real-time and is made available to both the owner of the cargo and the customs authorities. In the event no alarm is received, that container may pass through the fast lane. Long waiting periods could be reduced, as the data can be reviewed by customs ahead of time.

Customs authorities support technologies that improve the level of security and make international trade easier. […] Project FastLane focuses on the selection of containers that have to be checked by customs for risk factors. SecSys® CARGO also offers new possibilities for these containers: containers that have yet to be tested could be stored outside the port. The real-time access control, which is integrated in all SECURESYSTEM devices, provides the necessary transparency for this. In this way, expensive standing fees and delays could be reduced.

The technology is just getting started. Final preparations are currently taking place before the first test run can be carried out.*

*Note: this was published before the project began; it is currently underway.

About SecureSystem

SecureSystem’s smart container technology offers a mobile state-of-the art IoT and supply chain management solution, providing In-Transit Visibility (ITV) and data analytics via a container monitoring system for global supply chains. Shipping container sensors – in the mobile unit and wireless, as needed – monitor internal conditions and provide regular updates as well as alerts in the event that conditions vary outside of pre-determined parameters​. Real-time transmission of this container cargo tracking data into a secure, cloud-based platform enables analysis and/or integration in clients’ systems and enables/supports blockchain contracts and payments to form an end to end complete supply chain logistics technology. 

About BLG Logistics

BLG LOGISTICS is a seaport-oriented logistics services provider with an international network. The company’s more than 140-year history is a source of strength. Today, they have a presence in all the world’s growth markets, with over 100 locations and offices in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. We offer our customers in industry and retail extensive logistical system services.